Training for Worship

Children are just that important! That is why we have offered “Training for Worship” for over 25 years now.


What to expect: Your children will be with you for part of the worship when we do the bulk of our singing, Communion, and offering. During the offering, all children are invited to bring a dry or canned good to the front for our active community pantry. We see this first part of the worship experience as an intimate time to be shared with the entire family as we praise God. Before the sermon, all the children leave with the Training for Worship Team. During Training for Worship, the children sing, hear a Bible lesson that is right on their level, and all children have an opportunity to participate. Near the end of our worship time, your kiddos are returned to you in your seat. This is during “Family Time”. Family Time, is when we talk about upcoming local missions events, prayer requests, etc. . . as a faith community, we value worship and we want everyone -  short or tall to have the opportunity!