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We believe prayer is powerful and effective. Dependence on God through prayer is foundational to our church and provides a solid base for all we do. The Prayer Ministry helps put prayer into action. In Exodus 17, we see Moses and Joshua fighting the Amalekites. Joshua is in the thick of the battle while Moses is standing on top of the hill and raising his hands. When his hands are up, the Israelites are winning. When he gets tired and drops his arms, they start to lose. Finally Aaron and Hur came to the rescue. They sat Moses down and helped him hold his arms up. This seems a perfect picture of prayer support. While we aren’t fighting Amalekites around here, we are waging some fierce spiritual battles. In Exodus, the battle would have been lost if Aaron and Hur had not stepped in to support Moses. We may have to wait for heaven to see the effect of our prayers today, but there is no doubt the stakes are just as high. Please fill out the prayer request form below. We have a community of loving volunteers who will receive an email alert with your prayer request. In today's wired and connected world many of our prayer partners will receive your email to their mobile device right away. Your cares and worries are ours also.

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