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Tired of spinning your wheels? Do you feel lost? Need a path to follow? Do you have a heart to help others but need direction? We've have been there too, and we can help! As the people of God, the church must be about reflecting God’s love in reaching out to the hurting world around us, calling them to become followers of Jesus. Out of this nearness to other people, and love for God group of we develop a heart for what He loves most. God’s heart is set on pursuing His glory by empowering His people and reaching out to the broken and lost in this world. The day you became a Christian - whether you understood it completely or not, you committed yourself to His mission. To say it another way, you became a missionary. God has saved you to make you a missionary to your neighbors, people you are called to love as yourself (Matt. 22:39). We have come to understand that God didn’t primarily leave us on this planet to improve our understanding of God, huddle people into groups, create more effective worship services, etc. Those are the means God uses towards a much greater end. God desires that we take meaningful steps on path to him. Some paths help you grow a leader. Other paths help develop your heart for serving others. Some paths teach us the value of gathering with others who love God. All paths help us invest in the mission of God.



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