Our faith communities craft guild has undertaken an ongoing project to produce pillowcase dresses to help confront the realities of extreme poverty through the extension of gracious hospitality and loving hearts. Our faith community is prayerful and intentional about our missional works and we are unified in gathering around this missional work because it speaks so clearly to the vision of our church, “Discovering Life by Loving God and People. “


Our faith community has a firm commitment to address the very real and present problems of the world community in very real and direct ways. It is our missional purpose to have a direct impact on those living in extreme and crushing poverty in Haiti. These little dresses give us an opportunity to identify other needs that can be met.


Why Pillowcases?


-Easy enough for a novice seamstress.

-Already has the hem and sides in it and easily available new and gently used.

-Brightly colored sundresses are perfectly suited for the tropical climate.


Pillowcases are perfect because they are readily available and because the hem is already in the material, even a novice seamstress can be involved in this worthwhile project. The pillowcase pattern has been around since the Pioneer days.  They are simple, come in all sizes, materials and colors.  This idea has been an instant hit since its inception long before our craft guild undertook this missional work. We are pleased to join with people around the country in something so simple that makes such a huge difference in the lives of little girls.


Our faith community believes actions based on love and hope can change a community, a nation and the very fabric of our faith community. We seek to ease suffering to all who suffer and bring them hope; we seek to be transformed in to the image of the perfect servant Messiah Jesus.

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