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Have you wondered what it really means to be a Christian? We don’t have all the answers but we want to move down the path together with you as we discover more about Jesus through his word and through acts of compassion.  

Christians are a distinct group of people who are about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Sharing the good news of Jesus means we have a serious interest in the well being of our neighbors in Williamsburg. Sharing his good news compels us to take a hard look at the community of Williamsburg. When we take a serious look at our city we discover that 22% of our neighbors are living below the poverty line and are working hard paycheck to paycheck. We bring our neighbors to God in prayer to be sure, but we also roll up our sleeves and do something to help. When we hand out pantry items, school supplies, winter coats, ice water on a scorched Virginia day, and shelter from the winter cold we move further along in our mission to become more like Jesus. It is through these tender moments of compassion that we seek to build a relationship with our neighbors the way Jesus built relationships with those around him. We seek to walk with people in their adversity. We seek to hear and understand the person’s special unique story. We seek to cry with our friends in pain. We seek to celebrate with our friends in every success, great or small. We seek to do what Jesus did for us… we seek to make room in our lives for other people. Every act of compassion is a living and visual lesson that teaches us and others about the love of Jesus.

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