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First things first, WE do not have all the answers to your questions about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We just don’t. We don’t actually have all the answers to our own burning questions about God let alone your questions – great as they maybe. The truth is this; being a Christian is not about knowing all there is to know about God. Think about it this way, being an astronomer is not about knowing every single thing about the universe. If you had to know EVERYTHING about the universe BEFORE you could claim to be an astronomer, then you would NEVER be one. So, let’s all agree that knowing EVERYTHING is a pretty silly standard to be considered knowledgeable about something.  So, I will state this again; being a Christian is not about knowing all there is to know about God. “Okay, great smarty, what is it about?”, I am sure you are asking that right about now. So, here’s the deal, being a Christian, an astronomer, or a historian is about discovering new things and then using those things to help others and to help yourself. Being a Christian is about discovering God, step by step as you move down the path of being a Christian. The longer you move down the path, the more you discover, the more you grow, the more you can help other people on the path with you. You don’t have to look for answers alone but if you want to get started checkout two resources below. One is called World Bible School (WBS). WBS is structured like a traditional pen and paper snail mail correspondence course but they also have online materials. The other option is called The Bible Project. The Bible Project is not grandpa’s correspondence course. It is a multimedia rich site that makes the Bible clear and easy to relate to. If there is anyway we can help you start your journey of discovery, please let us know!

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