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Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 (11AM Christmas Day and New Years Day)
Sunday Bible Study 11:00 (No Classes Christmas Day and New Years Day)
Sunday Evening Small Group 6:30 (No Sunday night Christmas Day and New Years Day)
Wednesday Evening Bible Study 7:00

227 Merrimac Trail

Williamsburg, VA, 23185


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Living in Community

Christians are a people who care about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Sharing the good news of Jesus means we take an interest in the well being of our neighbors in Williamsburg. 

Living in Purpose

The church must be about reflecting God’s love by demonstrating his love in tangible ways. God desires to empower His people so we can reach out to a world that is stressed and chaotic. God desires that we take meaningful steps on a path to him. Some paths help you grow as a leader. Other paths help develop your heart for serving others. Some paths teach us the value of gathering with others who love God. All of these paths help us invest in the people around us.

Living in Jesus

God planned long ago to begin creating the world, as a result every part of creation is designed to reveal and teach us about  God. God designed mankind uniquely to be like Him in ways we don't fully understand, except to say we are meant to  reflect His attributes of love, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, mercy and justice in the world. Despite God's intent, we often fail to be like him because we chose a path separate from Him.

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